CWL Dallas Recap

The First CoD WWII LAN Event


There was a lot of action this weekend as the first “Boots on the Ground” LAN event kicked off in Dallas, TX. General and the boys came in to the event placed 5th in Pro Points and grouped in Pool A with some tough competition. Here’s how the weekend went. General and Dashy both already have some LAN experience under their belt so this was nothing new for them. This was, however, Decemate and Bevil’s first major LAN event. Regardless of the split in experience we went in with good expectations based off of recent results from the 2k series results.

The first round of pool play had the boys going up against probably their toughest opponent in the group, OpTiC Gaming. This would be a true test right out the gate. OpTiC has been performing well in recent 2k tourneys and was also a heavy favorite going in to the event. Things were up and down in this series. Dashy came out huge from the beginning showing his slaying ability. Being able to drop as many kills as he did against OpTiC really shows that he is a force to be reckoned with. The team even ended up completely dominating OpTiC in a Search and Destroy match on USS Texas. General was leading the pack in this game with some very smart play. After the first few games play had to be stopped due to a security threat and the venue had to be evacuated. Play continued but the boys were not able to pick up the win against OpTiC as they ended up losing the series 3-1.

The next opponent in pool play was EnVyUs. Another strong opponent. It was tough to know how the team would end up performing due to the fact that play was halted until the next day due to the security threat that postponed the event. General and the rest of the squad came in looking to redeem themselves from the last series. Good play came from all four of the guys but it just wasn’t enough to get them the series win against EnVyUs either. It seems that this new roster was still trying to find its true ways.

The last opponent from regular pool play was the European team UNILAD. UNILAD came out strong and got a quick 2-0 lead in the series winning a Hardpoint and Search and Destroy. General, Dashy, Decemate, and Bevils seemed to finally have found some extra chemistry as they go on to reverse sweep UNILAD winning the final 3 games in a row. General ended up switching from playing AR to playing with the PPSH and it helped them get that extra edge they needed.

It was now time to just go ahead and test different adjustments to prepare for a run through Losers Bracket. The team still had one more match left to play as Echo Fox was added to their pool from Open Bracket play. This was no easy team to play as well with a roster filled with players who have all seen the main stage plenty of times in the past as well. Unfortunately this was also a series the boys could not pull together.

Next up was loser bracket play on “Championship Sunday”. It was time for General and the rest of the team to show everyone that they are here to win things. First opponent was the European team Vitality to be in the top 16. Our boys swept that series 3-0 and moved on to play for a spot in the top 12. Next opponent was RISE Nation. This match ended up being a bit tougher for the team. The series ended up going all the way to Match 5 which was Search and Destroy. Dashy once again showed his splaying power as he went 20-5 to give our boys the 3-2 series lead and win.

Luminosity Gaming was up next as we tried to get a spot in the top 8. Things were going pretty smooth again as the first game started. Then as the players prepared to get game 2 started yet another security threat was called and the building needed to be evacuated. Play continued once things were deemed safe by local law enforcement. Once play continued the team ended up losing the series 0-3 and ended their run at CWL Dallas placing 9-12.

Although this was a good placing for a roster as fresh as this one is the boys will be looking to improve a few things. They now have plenty of film to look back on against top competition. General was interviewed by Dexerto after the UNILAD series about changes that he thinks need to be done for the team to see more success. Some of the things he mentioned were pacing and making the correct plays at the correct time. General said, “Unfortunately we were chocking some maps that we shouldn’t have choked just because of our pacing issues.” The video can be seen in the tweet to the left. 

There will be lots of practice and discussing strategy coming up now on the road to qualifying for CWL New Orleans which takes place January 12-14. There will be a few 2k tourneys in the meantime for them to play good teams. All in all it was a great effort from all four of the guys and we hope to see them improve. #E6Focus #E6Win

Sondra General