NA Showdown Recap

Showcasing the New Roster




General and his newly acquired squad with the addition of GodRx and Pandur were invited to to the Northern Arena NA Showdown event in Montreal on which took place from Dec 16-17. Let’s take a look at how the boys did.

This event would put General back in his normal role of being an AR player. This definitely helped boost the confidence of this new squad. They would definitely need to perform well in this event to place well due to the competition at hand. Many of the current top ranked pro teams were also invited to shit event. All teams definitely came with a win in mind since there was $30,000 and some Pro Points up for grabs as prizes.

The first round had the team matching up against eUnited. This would be the opportunity to show the world that this new roster was nothing to take lightly. eUnited has always been a team that performed well so beating them would make a statement. The series ended up going to eUnited with a final score of 1-3. Most of the games ended up being close in score but the experience from eUnited showed in the clutch moments. General and Dashy kept their good play from Dallas up but it just was not enough at some points.

This loss put them down to Losers Bracket where they would then be matched up against FaZe. FaZe would also prove to be another tough opponent. In fact, this series ended with the same result with an end score of 1-3 going in favor of FaZe. It once again came down to more experience and more precise playing from the opponent. FaZe proved to be a worthy opponent as they made it all the way to Losers Bracket Finals where they almost took out eUnited.

Both opponents that the new team played this weekend ended up doing well in the event. General and his team definitely showed that they can keep up with the best regardless of how much practice they have had. With more time and more experience, the #E6COD team will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. Keep your eyes on them because they will improve!

Sondra General