MLG 2k Series Preview


Today all teams who plan to go to CWL NOLA will be hoping to do well in the final MLG 2k Series online tournament before the event to place themselves within automatic pool play spots. The new E6 roster will be one of the teams looking to do so. The new roster has only had one day of scrims to prepare but the results of that scrim went well. The Enigma6 Call of Duty team will be looking to solidify their placing and avoid open bracket play. With the final roster not yet solidified the team will want to make sure to do well to secure as many pro points as possible to make sure whatever the final roster will be will have the required points to secure their spot in pool play. Make sure to keep up with the action over at the Enigma6 Twitter page as we will be updating you guys as the rounds go. Let's cheer the boys on.

Sondra General