Official CWL New Orleans Pool Draw Results

The Enigma6 Call of Duty team prepares to battle its way through Pool C


The pools for CWL New Orleans were officially drawn today. The Enigma6 Call of Duty team ended up being the 10th Seed in Pro Point Standings with the new roster. This put them right at the edge of where they needed to be to qualify for pool play. The team ended up getting drawn in to Pool C. This pool includes #3 ranked Luminosity and #7 ranked Rise Gaming, and also the 2nd placed European team, Red Reserve. Although this looks bad on paper given the ranks of the teams we are up against, if General, Dashy, Blazt, and Censor play to their full potential they should not have too many issues placing well in this pool. The veteran experience of General and Censor should help a lot. Paired with the slaying power of Dashy ,and the talent Blazt brings to the table, the Enigma6 Call of Duty team will look to impress in this event to ensure their spot in the Pro League. While Luminosity and Red Reserve already have their League spots solidified if they do at least decent, E6 will be looking to do well against Rise because it will be an important matchup to ensure they stay where they are at and qualify for the Pro League. On top of that, lots of talented open bracket teams will be looking to cause upsets as well. This new roster has a lot to prove at this event and you can bet that they will come out guns blazing. Make sure to follow #E6COD on Twitter @Enigma6Group for all updates during the event and to keep up with the latest news information on Enigma6. For more information on the event as a whole check out the image below.

CWL New Orleans Open Enigma6
Sondra General