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Enigma6 Group, LLC  founded by CEO Jordon General, Sondra General and @E6Principal have begun creating strategic partnerships in the Esports community. We are looking to acquire other gaming organizations and/or assemble more successful teams based in the United States. We can provide funding, operational support, travel and more. If you think you have what it takes, let us know.Enigma6 Group, LLC is an American based alternative asset company made of successful entrepreneurs based in Michigan.

 Enigma6 Group, LLC has a portfolio across diverse industries. We provide funding and expertise to a wide range of firms and companies to help unlock their potential. 
Our team helps create mutually beneficial deals for our strategic partners while protecting their brands.  Our financial resources and experience help us achieve a win-win for everyone.  We seek to create lasting value by looking at the long-term vision.    

We are working on the Enigma6 Owners Interviews.

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