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CWL Pro League Challenge and Looking ahead to CWL Atlanta

The Enigma6 Call of Duty team has been playing in the CWL Pro League Challenge this weekend. The top 8 teams from the current Pro League standings were put up against the top 8 teams from the 2k Series that took place Feb 24. Most of the exciting play took place yesterday, Feb 25, where we saw both TK and OpTiC get knocked out. OpTiC being taken out by none other than our own boys! General, aBeZy, Diabolic, and Sender looked strong against OpTiC. Taking the series in a Game 5 win and taking down one of the best teams in the game right now. The next round the Enigma6 boys also took down GGEA Orange in pretty dominant form as well. All the late nights and long hours of practicing are finally showing as the team's chemistry has tremendously improved. General and the boys are out here to make a statement that they are not a team to take lightly. Today the action continued. Enigma6 would take on Red Reserve first. If they win that series they will go on to face the winner Rise Nation and Ghost Gaming in the final. Winning this event will definitely show that the team has improved and will show them that they are prepared to make some noise in Atlanta in a few weeks. The winning team today will take home $1,500. This will be a nice extra boost to get the team prepared for the past. The team gave it their all and ended up taking the series against Red Reserve as well. This ended up putting them in the Grand Final. The Grand Final ended up being our Enigma6 team against the guys of Ghost Gaming. Two teams facing off against each other that had something to prove. General and his boys were trying to prove that they do belong back in the Pro League. Meanwhile Ghost Gaming was trying to prove that they also belong. Enigma6 showed that they have improved on their Hardpoint game winning both Hardpoints in the series. Unfortunately those were the only two games that they ended up winning in that series. Ghost Gaming took two out of the three wins from Enigma6 in Search and Destroy games. This will be a game mode that the team will definitely need to brush up on heading in to Atlanta. Ghost Gaming ended up winning the Grand Finals with a final series score of 3-2.

Even though General and the boys did not win the full tournament they did end up beating some very skilled opponents and showed the world that they are not here to be taken lightly anymore. This momentum will need to be carried over in to Atlanta as they will be battling through the open brackets. There will be a lot of talent to look out for but if the boys play anything like the way they did in this tournament then there should be no issue with them moving in to Pool Play and taking out some of the top teams. CWL Atlanta will take place March 9 to 11. There will be a total prize pool of $200,000 on the line as well as a ton of pro points to shake up the standings and get a spot in the pro league for season 2. Enigma6 will be looking to do well in this event to move back to where they belong. Make sure you tune in on the Enigma6 Twitter @Enigma6Group and the CWL Twitter for updates on streams and results. Let's root on the boys for the #E6WIN.

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