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#E6COD- Match 1 of CWL Pro League Cross Division Week 2.

In their first match of the second week of Cross Division in the CWL Pro League, Enigma6 COD faced off against OpTiC Gaming.

In a hard fought, harrowing battle- the team lost the first Hardpoint but were able to secure the SND in map 2 with a score of 6-2.

Continuing their streak of wins, they take Control with a score of 3-0 beating OpTiC in map 3 and Chino getting a 2.125 and KiSMET with 1.750 KDR's for the map, and General getting a 58.50 Average for Hill Time.

In a heart racing manner, Enigma6 Cod take it to map 5 where unfortunately they fall with a final map count of 3-2.

The team take on Team Reciprocity tomorrow at 4:30 PM EST for their second match of the Cross Division week of the CWL Pro League.

Follow @Enigma6Group on Twitter and @OfficialEnigma6 on Instagram to follow the boys in the second week of Cross Division matches.


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