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Enigma6 Call of Duty, Call of Duty World League Championship 2017

Call of Duty World Championship - Orlando, Florida - August 9th thru 13th.The biggest Call of Duty tournament of the year - The Call of Duty World Championship was held at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida on August 9th thru 13th.

32 teams qualified for the $1.5 million tournament, playing through a group stage followed by a double elimination bracket.

Enigma6 was grouped with Team MRN Black, Rogue, and Cloud9 in Group H. Day 1 started with the first series vs Team MRN Black. E6 won the series in decisive 3-0 fashion.

Next up was Rogue. After dropping the first map, E6 came back to defeat Rogue 3-1 in their hard fought match. E6 clashed with Cloud9 in their final match of the day 2 to determine seeding in the Championship Bracket. After once again defeating Cloud9 3-1 in the series, the win solidified a spot in Top 16 Winners Bracket.

E6 would face off against Season 1 Champions Splyce in Round 1 of the Winners Bracket.E6 fell to Splyce in the series moving them to the Losers Bracket where they would fall 3-1 to Ghost in Round 2, ending their Champs run placing in 9th-12th.

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Enigma6 Call of Duty roster: General - Kade - Royalty - Nick


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