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Enigma6 COD's Day 2 Run- CWL Fort Worth

Starting off Day 2 of CWL Fort Worth with an enthralling match-up against Team Reciprocity, Enigma6 COD knew exactly what they had to do to get the job done and get a swift 3-0 map count.

In a heart-stirring round of Frequency hardpoint, E6 started the round off strong immediately capturing the hardpoint putting the map in their favor early on. Midway through, Team Reciprocity overtook the score but in the end it was Enigma6 that came out on top with a final score of 250-226.

In the following match against Luminosity Gaming, the match lasted into map 3 and they lost the series 3-0 which meant that they drop down into the lower bracket and face off against 100 Thieves the following day.

Follow @Enigma6Group on twitter and @OfficialEnigma6 on instagram to keep up with the guys, and for real time updates.

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