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Enigma6's Division B Pro League run!

During Week 3 of the CWL Pro League in a surprising turn of events, Enigma6 CoD had to play their match against Denial Esports a day earlier than scheduled due to travel complications with Team Envy and 100 Thieves.

“I felt good going into our first match it caught me off guard that we had to play a day early” Steven “Diabolic” Rivero said, “but we are professionals and do this every day so we are always ready for a match.”

Later that week, Enigma6 played their scheduled matches against Splyce, eUnited and Heretics. Summarizing Week 1, Enigma6 had a total match record of 1-3.

"From week 1 to week 2 we didn’t really change much," said Bradley "Frosty" Bergstrom, "we know our mistakes for the most part so we get better by tightening up on the things that we already know how to do. The more practice we get the less mistakes we will make when it matters."

Kicking off Week 2, Enigma6's first match up was against Team EnVy in which the team came out victorious.

The team go on to play against Excelerate Gaming, and come out with another win. The next team they battled it out against was 100 Thieves, which unfortunately the team fell to but not without putting up a fight.

“Week 1 wasn’t the best week ending, 1-3. There were some close matches, but mainly over the weekend we just studied teams and went over how to close games out when they were in our hands.” Matthew “Kismet” Tinsley had to say about the changes they made going into Week 2, “we took a huge win over Envy in a 3-2 fashion, following that was a 3-0 dominating win over EXG. We finished the week not so hot, but overall we prepared better for week 2 and it showed [..]”

Give a follow to @Enigma6Group on Twitter and OfficialEnigma6 on Instagram to keep up with the team as they practice and compete at the upcoming CWL Fort Worth event, March 15-17, 2019.

#Enigma6Group #E6CoD Credit: @Enigma6Group – Twitter

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