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It's Make It Or Break It Time..

This past weekend the Enigma6 Call of Duty team headed to New Orleans to participate in the MLG Call of Duty World League New Orleans Open tournament. This tournament had a total prize pool of around $200,000 and loads of pro points up for grabs so you know any time trying to make the cut in to the CWL Pro League would definitely have to show up and show out as well. A few teams were right on the cusp of qualifying for a pro league spot. Enigma6 was one of those teams. Due to so many recent roster changes General and Dashy have not had consistent practice with a consistent squad. Despite this issue they have been doing their best to keep things going as well as they can.

The top 10 North American teams in pro point standings after this event would end up qualifying for their spot in the pro league. There were a few teams right there in that 8th-11th place in the standings that all needed to outperform each other in order to stay where they were or to get in to where they need to be. The main teams we would need to focus on placing better than would be Evil Geniuses and Rise Nation.

As we know, Enigma6 was placed in Pool C for pool play with Rise Nation, Luminosity, and Red Reserve. Based of the end results of the event this was actually one of the toughest pools to be in. All 3 of these teams placed top 4 in this event. General, Dashy, Blazt, and Censor did not let this get to them though and focused on trying to get their League spot secure.

First opponent in pool play would be Rise Nation. This series would end 3-1 in favor of Rise Nation. The boys had to move on and focus on trying to get better results for the next series. The next series saw them going up against Red Reserve. This series also ended 3-1. The team was now 0-2 in pool play. They knew they needed to pick things up if they wanted to survive in this event. A loser’s bracket run was pretty much their best option to shoot for at this point but they were still determined not to go down without a fight in pool play. The final match of the day was against Luminosity. This series went just as the first two did, ending in a 3-1 loss. It was time for the guys to get some rest and prepare to make a killer run on day two.

Day two was upon us and we knew we had to make a run down in to at least top 16 or higher to potentially get this pro league spot. GGEA Orange and Millenium Esports were the two teams from Open bracket that got added to our pools. The first of the two teams that we faced was GGEA Orange. This series came down to a game 5. At the end the Enigma6 boys just did not have enough to close it out as the series ended 3-2 in favor of GGEA Orange. Determined not to go winless in pools General, Dashy, Censor, and Blazt prepared for their final game in pools against Millenium. Things seemed to finally start clicking as the boys pulled out a 3-1 victory to end pool play at a 1-5 record and placing them in Losers Bracket.

The team needed to continue to bring this fire if they were going to make a good run in Loser’s bracket. The first opponent in Loser’s bracket would be compLexity. This was a team that would surely test us but the team showed that they were up to the test and won the series 3-1. This meant that next up we will play EnVyUs for a chance at a top 12 placing. EnVyUs brought their “A-Game” and we ended up losing the series 3-0. This gave us a top 16 placing. At this point it was down to some other teams losing in order for us to be able to secure that final league spot. Evil Geniuses needed to lose their next series against Doom in order for us to secure that spot. Unfortunately Evil Geniuses ended up winning the series and we did not make it in the Season 1 of the CWL Pro League. Team Kaliber ended up winning the whole event so we do want to congratulate them on their great performance.

As it currently stands, Enigma6 does qualify for the USA National Circuit. They are in the #1 spot for that right now. Pro Points lock for placings in that circuit on January 22, 2018. For those that do not know what the National Circuit is let’s take a look at it. Teams will be playing a round robin style tournament with matches spread over three Fridays from January 26 to February 9, 2018. Once complete the top 4 teams play a single elimination tournament to determine the winner for the Season.

The fifth and sixth place team automatically qualify for next Season. Meanwhile the seventh and eighth place teams will face the top 2 non pro league teams with the highest pro points standing for their spots in the next season. On top of 3000 pro points, the first place team in this circuit gets $1,000 and full coverage for a future CWL event as well.This will be a good chance for General, Dashy, Censor, and Blazt to not only get more practice, but also secure a good amount of pro points in the process. For more information and news on what the team has planned make sure to follow us on Twitter @Enigma6Group. Let’s keep rooting for the boys. #E6COD #E6WIN

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